Exceptionally qualified leadership.


Hi, I’m Lesley Smith, and I’m running to be your University of Colorado Regent because I have the courage and the experience to make a difference in our state. As the first woman aquanaut to live and work in the Aquarius underwater research lab, an eight year local school board veteran, and a career scientist and educator, I am exceptionally qualified to take on the challenges facing Colorado’s flagship university system. I will:

  • ensure that CU offers students an excellent, relevant education that equips them with the skills to be workforce-ready,

  • work hard to attract strong funding for a strong CU system and

  • fight for affordable, accessible pathways to success.

CU is the third largest employer in Colorado, and it’s an economic driver of our state contributing over $12 billion annually to the state’s economy and brings more than a $1 billion in research funding. A strong CU system makes a strong Colorado!

First woman aquanaut at the Aquarius underwater research lab. Higher education creates pathways to success and a workforce ready to tackle tomorrow’s challenges, but we are not giving all our students a fair shot to get on that path. I was fortunate to have access to a good education and plenty of encouragement to pursue my love of science. I worked hard, finally earning the honor of being the first woman aquanaut in NOAA’s underwater research habitat, Aquarius. I was the only woman in our team of six. Working in a male-dominated field and learning leadership skills, toughened my resolve to make the STEM fields more diverse. Education offered me a pathway to success, and I will ensure that CU offers all students an excellent, relevant education that equips them with the skills to be workforce-ready.

Eight year local school board veteran. During my eight years of service on the Board of Education for Boulder Valley School District, I managed a $300 million budget, increased community trust and engagement, and strengthened funding for public education. Frustrated by a lack of broad stakeholder input from the seven communities BVSD serves, I led the charge to develop an effective community engagement process from the mountains to East County. It worked. An independent survey showed greater community trust as a result. Despite the 2008 recession, which cut $34 million from the budget, the district’s financial health remained strong during my tenure. The voters passed a $298 million bond and we successfully negotiated the district’s first-ever three year contract with the teacher’s association under a new collaborative bargaining model. I am a champion of public education, and I understand the importance of strong funding and wise management of funds. I will work hard to attract strong funding for a strong CU system.

Career scientist and educator. Over nearly 30 years at CU Boulder I have worked my way from Research Scientist to Associate Director of the Education & Outreach Program at CIRES, the Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Science. I have taught undergraduates, mentored graduate students, and helped prepare our state’s teachers to use innovative science curricula in the classroom. Currently, I am helping create seamless pathways for community college students across the state to transfer to 4-year institutions through summer scientific research experiences in STEM fields at CU.

Education has been my lifelong passion. I am retiring from CU in April in order to focus all my time and energy on fighting for affordable, accessible pathways to success for all our CU students.

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