CU graduates 62 % of its students of color, vs 69% of white students. There are many reasons why a student may not complete their degree, such as finances, family obligations; mental health issues, and frustration due to the need to take remedial classes. All students experience these issues but CU should be aware of the particular obstacles Black and Latinx students face and take action to address them so that all students have the same chance to succeed at CU.

Fostering partnerships with more diverse educational institutions to provide support and bridges to CU is one way to help enroll more diverse students and help them thrive. I will promote a culture of non-discrimination to protect the civil rights of every student, and would like to see increased academic, mental health and mentoring support to increase retention and graduation rates for Black and Latino students.            

Other steps CU can take to try and close the graduation gap:

  • Providing better advising to transfer students from community colleges so they are taking the courses that will count toward their major at CU.

  • Using apps that track student attendance, completion of homework, and test scores in combination with an advisor that reaches out to them to inquire why they aren’t thriving.

  • Working with students to declare a major early and providing career counseling to help them match coursework to desired career.